Rules & Terms 6th Edition


RECTIFICATION (item III-4): AMAZÔNIA DOC now accepts medium-length films up to 51 minutes, which will participate in the competitive exhibition together with the short films

I - Presentation
  • Unique event in Brazil with annual edition, AMAZONIA DOC - PAN-AMAZON CINEMA FESTIVAL is a privileged forum for discussion, reflections and actions for the promotion of film production in the countries that are part of the Pan-Amazon. The Festival aims to contribute to the appreciation of the audio-visual product of the documentary genre and brings in its programming two (02) competitive shows: PAN-AMAZON COMPETITIVE SHOW, which accepts films produced or co-produced by any of the 9 countries of Pan-Amazonia (Brazil). , Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana), and the BRASILIAN AMAZON COMPETITIVE SHOW for films produced in the Brazilian states that are part of the Brazilian Amazon.
II - Goal and main objectives
  • The democratization of access to audio-visual production of documentaries in the Pan-Amazonian territory is the main focus of AMAZON DOC. The 6th edition of the Festival will be held from May 11 to May 20, 2020 in Belém do Pará, with the main objective of promoting the Pan-Amazonian short and feature films, enabling the exchange for the production made in all countries. Pan-Amazonian, besides discussing means and strategies for the production, realization and distribution of audio-visual production and for the formation of audiences for Brazilian and Pan-Amazonian cinema. It promotes exhibitions, workshops, seminar and debates.
III - Submissions
  • 2) Submission is free and must be done exclusively through the FILMFREEWAY Platform (
  • 2.1 The applicant must follow all the steps and procedures suggested on the platform. The costs associated with the use of the mentioned platform are the responsibility of the user, as well as the respect and completion of all data requested to complete the registration. The festival may add new movie submission platforms during the 2020 registration period.
  • 3) ARE APPLIED TO BE SUBMITTED WORKS FINISHED FROM JANUARY 1, 2018 and have display copy in format in accordance with the technical specifications provided for in this regulation. The films will be evaluated by a selection committee, which will direct the selected films to the exhibition that best suits the language and other artistic and technical requirements of the work.
  • 4) For the 6th Competitive Exhibition, short or medium-length documentaries (up to 51 minutes) and Telefilmes / Feature films (minimum 52 minutes) are eligible. Two PAN-AMAZON Competitive Shows and two BRAZILIAN AMAZON Shows will be held, in each category being one for short and medium-length films (films up to 51) and the other for telefilms / feature films only (films with a minimum of 52 minutes).
  • 5) Films spoken in a language other than PORTUGUESE must be submitted with subtitles in Portuguese or English.
  • 6) In each category, the best film by the Jury will be awarded, the best film by popular vote and a Merit Award for both categories, according to the Official Jury.
  • 7) Entries may not have been exhibited in previous editions of the Festival.
  • 8) There is no maximum number or any other limitation regarding the number of films submitted by the same person, director or producer.
  • 9) No physical media copies will be accepted for the SUBMISSION.
  • 10) If in doubt you should contact the festival submission manager, MANOEL LEITE, through the email or by phone +55 91 3349-2018
  • 11) In the case of films with double entry, only the first entry form received by the 6th AMAZON DOC Film Festival will be considered.
  • 12) All fields flagged as a mandatory item (indicated on the registration platform) must be completed, under penalty of non-completion of registration;
  • 13) The entry of films that are not completed by the deadline for registration stipulated by the organization of the AMAZONIA DOC Festival is prohibited.
  • 14) Short films and feature films submitted outside the State of Pará must be unpublished in Competitive Shows in the State of Pará. Films already screened in the commercial circuit will not be accepted, as well as films available in the internet in open links (YOUTUBE, VIMEO or equivalent).
  • 15) The submission will be confirmed upon completion of the platform procedure by the proposer and receipt of automatic confirmation email.
  • 16) Any technical faults perceived on the site during the film's registration must be immediately reported to the production of the 6th AMAZON DOC Festival through the e-mail so that appropriate measures can be taken. We emphasize, however, that we will not be responsible for any failures when the registration is made on the last day of the deadline provided for in this regulation.
III - Selection
  • 17) The list of works selected by the curator will be published on the Festival's website ( until April 20, and this period may be extended at the festival's discretion. The selection of the work will also be notified through the FILMFREEWAY Platform.
  • 18) Those responsible for the selected films should send the exhibition copy, when requested by the festival coordination, in the following technical specifications:
    a) Formats: - open DCP; - MOV or MP4, H264 codec
    b) Audio:: Audio can be STEREO (L / R - TWO CHANNELS) or 5.1. In the case of 5.1 the channels must be on track 1 of the following sequence: - channel 1 - left (front left); – channel 2 - center (front center); - channel 3 - right (front right); - channel 4 - surround left (left side audience); - channel 5 - surround right (right side audience) - channel 6 - subwoofer / lfe (front bass)
    c) Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080);
    d) Subtitle: In PORTUGUESE, when the movie is not spoken in this language. The subtitle can be embedded or in attached .srt file (for H264 copies)
  • 19) Qualquer formato de arquivo encaminhado fora do padrão recomendado será tratado pela equipe técnica e estará sujeito a uma renderização ineficiente. O Festival AMAZÔNIA DOCnão poderá ser responsabilizada por qualquer problema proveniente desse procedimento.
  • 20) Submission of the exhibition copy (if it has not been posted on the FILMFREEWAY Platform in the technical specifications required above) may be made by:
    a) Download link The person responsible for the registration must inform, shortly after the release and notification of selection, a link for full viewing and full download of the movie, in the settings described above, as well as the access password, when applicable. File transfer links such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, SendSpace, or any other data allocation tool that has expired the generated link will not be accepted.
    b) Physical support: Pen Drive, External HD The formatting of hard drives or flash drives can be in Mac OS, NTFS or exFAT. We suggest, preferably, USB3 data connection and where there is a power supply, it should accompany the external hard drive and will be returned later.
  • 21) Shortly after notification of selection, it is optional but important to promptly send promotional materials such as EPK's (Electronic Press-Kit) to the festival, which can be sent via email or download link.
  • 22) The responsibility for the cost of sending the exhibition copies and the promotional material of the selected films is the responsibility of the director or producer responsible and must be sent to the Festival headquarters / Z Produções office by MAY 5, 2019 on sealed envelope with return address (for return)

    Shipping Address:
  • 23) The director must pay attention to CORRECTLY INFORMING the “Return address”. The Festival is not responsible for the loss of the copy at the time of return if the data is incomplete, incorrect or changed by the director after registration. The cost of returning the copy of the film (HD or flash drive) is the responsibility of the Festival organization.
IV - Other provisions
  • 24) The invitation to the selected directors to represent their films at the 6th AMAZONIA DOC Festival will not be funded by the Festival organization. This possibility will be subject to specific fundraising for this purpose.
  • 25) Conditional on fundraising, the Festival Coordination / Organization may hold a version of the Itinerant Exhibition of the 6th edition of AMAZONIA DOC in other municipalities of Pará and others states of Brazil. Films scheduled for the itinerant version may be chosen from among those selected for the 6th edition of the AMAZÔNIA DOC Festival, and their non-profit screening is now authorized by the author / producer of the work.
  • 26) In case of a selected film, the legal representative of the registered film authorizes the screening in the 6th edition of the Amazônia Doc Film Festival, as well as the use of still images for journalistic purposes, dissemination and promotion of the event. Likewise, it authorizes the use of all information present in the registration form, as well as excerpts of the films (up to 30 seconds) for dissemination on the festival's website, social networks and media.
  • 27) FOR BRAZILIAN PRODUCTION FILMS ONLY: According to Ministerial Ordinance 368/2014 of the Ministry of Justice, films shown in exhibitions and festivals should practice self-classification according to the “Practical Guide to the Rating Classification”. It is mandatory to fill in the registration form, the indicative rating of the film, according to these standards. The organization of the 6th AMAZONIA DOC Festival is responsible for ensuring compliance with this measure and may even change this classification with according to the convenience of the Festival for regulatory compliance.
  • 28) All films registered in the 6th edition of AMAZON DOC will be subject to the conditions provided for in this regulation.
  • 29) The registered tenderer is responsible for all information contained in the entered form. To complete your application, you must agree to the terms of the General Agreement for Participation in the 6th AMAZON DOC - PAN-AMAZON CINEMA FESTIVAL, presented below:

    By submitting my film I declare that I have read and accept the general rules and conditions of the 6th AMAZONIA DOC. I am willing to provide the festival with all necessary additional information in accordance with these general rules and conditions. I authorize the organization of the 6th AMAZONIA DOC to screen my film, and if selected, I confirm that a screening copy will be available in digital format for viewing during the 6th AMAZONIA DOC until May 5, 2020. I certify that I have all the necessary rights. for the presentation of this film / video for the 6th AMAZONIA DOC and that all rights and authorizations have been obtained. This movie is not subject to any dispute, nor is it threatened by any dispute, assuming all legal responsibilities. By agreeing to these terms, I transfer to the 6th AMAZONIA DOC the right to use portions of the submitted film and its images for advertising and marketing purposes of the 6th AMAZONIA DOC - Pan-Amazonian Film Festival, and for other non-commercial uses related to the promotion of this 6th edition in 2020, as well as its projection between 11 and 20 May 2020. I authorize, if it happens, the participation of my film, if it is selected, in the Itinerant Show of the 6th edition of AMAZONIA DOC, in other municipalities of Pará and states of Brazil. I am aware that this roaming is conditional on raising funds for its realization, but the exhibition of the work will take place without profit.